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ashley hat grad wrex getötet. dumme kuh. (aber hey, vorbildlich +8)
foolonparade foolonparade Said:

OMFG. Ich kann mir garnicht vorstellen was du dadurch für epische storylines verpasst…

Oh look, Dr. Lecter is bored while on hiatus and submitting questions to OkCupid!


satisfactual replied to your photo: So apparently my grammar tutor did a thing.

Im not even sure how one is supposed to fill this in

I suppose the first thing would be “When will I see you again?” but I think it’s really a matter of knowing the song, even though my tutor will try to tell me otherwise. There are two songs I actually know so at least half that sheet is filled in correctly.

Wow, you guys know NOTHING! ;)




Benedict Cumberbatch in Starter For 10 (2006) and Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

This set is a thing. of. beauty.


Oh, so they also did a remake of Star Trek: TOS with Cumberbatch? I must’ve misses that but instantly recognized it by the fighting style. Nice!

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Jonah: Oh, I came here to tell you that you’re a meem, ma’am!
Selina: I’m a “meem, ma’am”, what are you talking about? Speaking english, boy.
Jonah: A “meme”, an internet phenomenon.  
Amy: Yes. There are photoshopped versions of this springing up all over Twitter. You, during the declaration of independence, with Mary Magdalene at the Crucifixion, 2004 tsunami…  (x)

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i love jpopsuki *brb dying*


i love jpopsuki *brb dying*

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Community returns on thursday, february 7th at 8/7c on NBC

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